Rare ocean artifacts transformed.

We create beautiful jewelry, so you can wear the story.

Few adventures conjure more excitement and imagination than the search for sunken treasures on the high seas.  This is what the exploration team of BWVI does every day.  But finding treasure is only part of the story.  By creating jewelry and sculptures to encase these found treasures, the stories can live on with you.


From the ocean floor to you.

Every piece of our jewelry has a story to tell.  We want you to share it with the world.

Green Venetian Trade Bead Bracelet / Sterling Silver & 2mm Brown Leather Blue Venetian Trade Bead Bracelet / Sterling Silver & 3mm Brown Leather Blue Venetian Trade Bead Bracelet / Sterling Silver & 2mm Black Leather

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Trade Beads

We are thrilled to present you with these rare artifacts transformed into fashionable, wearable art. The authentic Venetian Glass Trading Bead showcased were recovered from a shipwreck off the east coast of the Dominican Republic, formerly known as Hispaniola.

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Sterling Silver Wave / Turquoise Pendant SS/14K Yellow Gold Sailor's Valentine Pendant BWVI Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver BWVI Rose Pendant Sterling Silver Shell / Turquoise Drop Earrings

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The Nautical Collection

A beautiful collection inspired by the open seas.

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Santa Margarita Abrazar Ensemble La Margarita Mariposa 14K Yellow Gold Santa Margarita Pearl Reliquary Sterling Silver Santa Margarita Pearl Reliquary


Santa Margarita Pearls

The “Butterfly in Motion” the debut piece in a soon to be released collection of jewelry designed around rare conjoined pearls found at the bottom of the ocean.

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Trade Beads
Trade Beads

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